The only thing standing between and five days of inspiring ideas from industry leaders is the darn weekend…Just before downing tools for a couple of days digital respite, we thought we’d compile 5 reasons why Monday can’t come soon enough with 99//Club Digital Festival.

1. The format – 99 seconds of magic

We all know the ad attention stats don’t say much about the ability of humans to focus on digital content for long periods. In light of the many distractions WFH, we’ve conjured up a format that will see CMOs, innovation directors, top creatives and industry figureheads put their bold ideas to kick-start growth on the table.

That’s right, no fluff, no panels – just a fast-paced collection of ideas, rallying calls and innovation to enjoy in action-packed daily afternoon sessions.

2. The brand speakers +  content

In just 5 weeks, MAD//Fest and New Digital Age have pulled together nearly 100 speakers across 5 days of content. Each day, we’ll be delving into a different topic, meaning you can snack on content and take away relevant ideas.

Here’s the rundown for the week:

Mon 15 June – Influencer Marketing + Social Media (3pm-5pm BST)

The onset or coronavirus has caused many social media and influencer platforms to ask big questions about authenticity, trust, effectiveness. On the other hand, social media usage has soared since coronavirus as people search for entertainment, human interaction and the latest news. 

These trends create challenges and opportunities for brands and platforms. Featuring contributions from Tenzing, Virgin Trains, Takumi, WW, and Tagger Media, expect big ideas, opportunities and influencer marketing poetry (not just in a metaphorical sense) on how brands and platforms can create effective strategies that will resonate with people in a much changed world.

Tues 16 June – Media + MADtech  (3pm-5pm BST)

Looking for the latest media trends, adtech, martech and innovation? Then our 99//Fest Media +  MADtech sessions is the day for you.

Shrinking budgets, off-the-scale media consumption – it’s a familiar paradox for many requiring bold strategies from advertisers, agencies, media owners and tech providers. This day will see the likes of Unilever, GSK, Coca-Cola, TSB, News UK, ITV, Spotify and Vodafone share their ideas on how to create a more effective and sustainable media model.

Wed 17 June – Customer Experience + Personalisation (3pm-5pm BST)

Advertisers have upped their interest in personalisation since the pandemic. It’s a shift driven in-part by a spike in e-commerce/D2C, changes to consumer behaviour and pressure to increase conversions. It’s a similar scene in customer experience and look to boost loyalty, brand and trust. 

We’ll be bringing together brands like Starling Bank, Twitch, Heinz and O2 to share rallying calls on how the industry can adapt and innovate by putting the customer at the core.

Thurs 18 June – Brands, Experience + Creativity (3pm-5pm BST)

Can creativity save the day? How can we tell our stories more effectively? When experiential, live events and outdoor are curtailed, what can brands do to drive engagement and ensure the message cuts through?

We’ve lined-up the likes of Havas Chief Creative Officer Vicki Maguire, Not On The High St Creative Director Penny Parnell and the ad industry’s favourite raconteur, Rory Sutherland to share big and bold ideas on how creativity can be our most useful asset to get us back to growth. 

Fri 19 June – Innovation + Growth (3pm-5pm BST)

If ever there was a time for innovation to step up to the mark and provide, it’s now (click here to read our piece on how brands are backing innovation). But is innovation taken seriously? Are we doing it right? Is it genuinely addressing our challenges or merely serving to keep the PR team busy?

On Friday we’ll deliver a blend of insight from top futurists and authors like Bruce Daisley, Adah Parris, Sam Coniff and Nell Watson. You can also hear where innovation fits in the growth strategies of the likes of VICE, Missguided, Google and AB InBev.

3. The virtual experiences 

At MAD//Fest, we always strive to create new and different experiences…But when we emailed Rory Sutherland to see if he’d be up for presenting a Cribs style piece, we did worry he might not take us seriously again…Fortunately, he said yes and we’ve lined-up an array experiences that will bring people together in these odd and isolated times for a usually sociable industry.

Don’t miss Monday night Mexican Mule making with’s Lauren Spearman, musical bingo with Snapchat and a very special house party on Friday with Defected DJ Katie Goodman to round-off the week. We’ve also got competitions, photo challenges and giveaways throughout the week to make the overall experience entertaining and insightful.


We appreciate that around about now, many in our industry would be dusting down their chino shorts and espadrilles in anticipation of a week of rosé-driven networking by the Med…Instead we’re all largely home bound and haven’t had a haircut in weeks.

But never the ones to be unstuck by adversity, our industry has found new ways of bringing the community together in these challenging times. With nearly 3,000 people signed up to attend the event, 99//Club Digital Festival is designed to help us to continue to learn , discover and network.

We’ve invested in a fantastic virtual platform and mobile app that will give you access to a global community of marketers and bucketloads of ideas without even needing to leave your home.

5. Support Brixton Finishing School

Since we launched in 2018, MAD//Fest has backed the awesome Brixton Finishing School, who work tirelessly to boost diversity in our industry and increase the number of people from less privileged and underrepresented groups working in marketing. 

Under the leadership of the awesome Ally Owen, Brixton Finishing School helps individuals to get their first big break in marketing and media through training, placements, mentoring and partnerships with industry players. They’ve even launched a virtual school during the coronavirus crisis.

Once again, we will be making a donation to Brixton Finishing School for every download of our mobile app, meaning you can network to your heart’s content and make a positive impact on diversity.

There you have it. Make sure you get your 99//Club Digital Fest ticket and have a cracking weekend!

Tickets for the 99//Club Digital Festival are available now for just £200 + VAT/BF.