Brands will only succeed if in DTC if they prioritise experience, according to Cheil Group Head of User Design Nick Fry.

Fry, who was speaking at MAD//Fest and New Digital Age’s  99//Club Digital Festival, described an “experience trinity” between brand experience, purchase experience, and the service and support experience.

“Brand is what you evoke emotionally, it’s what you create experientially and it’s what you recreate by the association of its success experiences,” said Fry.

Fry also explained that whilst it’s difficult to control a brand’s perception in DTC consumer experiences, brands can succeed by putting measures in place to control a user’s contextual needs, which generates confidence and trust in brand experience.

Featuring speakers including Ogilvy Vice-chair Rory Sutherland, Starling Bank Chief Growth Officer Rachael Pollard, authors Bruce Daisley and Sam Conniff, and futurists Adah Parris and Shivvy Jervis, the 99//Club Digital Festival featured 99 industry leaders speaking for just 99 seconds over 5 days. 3,400 attendees tuned-into the event, which culminated in a virtual house party with Defected Records.