Comedian, Author, Broadcaster, Screenwriter and self-confessed Twitter addict David Baddiel will set out his vision on how society, brands and individuals can address toxic social media in a MAD//Fest London keynote interview on 6 July at The Old Truman Brewery.

Baddiel, known not just for his comedy but his four-times UK music chart topping track ‘Three Lions’, has in recent times turned his attention to more serious subjects, such as racism, antisemitism and the ugly side of social media.

Early this year, ‘Baddiel’s Social Media, Anger and Us’ documentary aired on the BBC, highlighting the endemic anger and negativity on social media, which sometimes leads to real world anger, hatred and rage. Alongside legendary documentary producer Louis Theroux, Baddiel is set to return to screens later this year on Channel 4 with ‘Jews Don’t Count’, a programme based on his best-selling book of the same name. The documentary will focus on Baddiel’s belief that “antisemitism is often seen as a lesser form of racism”.

At a time when the metaverse is set to further blur the lines between online and reality, and Tesla entrepreneur Elon Musk battles to buy and transform Baddiel’s beloved Twitter, his keynote interview at MAD//Fest will focus on how people and brands can play a more positive and responsible role in creating a social media environment free of racism, hatred, and trolling.

Baddiel said: “Social media has revolutionised communication and led to positive social change but it’s impossible to ignore its dark side. As brands live on, sell on and fund social media, I believe they can play a positive role in creating a better environment that works in the interests of individuals, businesses and society at large. I'm told by people who know more about tech than I do that the metaverse is about to kickstart Web 3.0, so this is probably a good moment to share my hopes, concerns and ideas with the marketing industry at MAD//Fest London."

MAD//Fest London co-founder Dan Brain: “David’s ability to take complex topics and tackle them with humour, intelligence and sensitivity is legendary. This year’s MAD//Fest encourages marketers to embrace the principle of ‘No Guts, No Glory’. So tackling online racism, hatred and trolling is the ideal place for brands to commit to ditching harmful activities, challenging the status quo and leading the charge to a more positive social media arena.”

Over 8,000 brands, agencies and media owners are expected to attend 2022’s ‘No Guts, No Glory’ themed MAD//Fest London. Speakers include Rachel Waller, Global VP Innovation, Burberry; Cristina Diezhandino, Global CMO, Diageo; Tina Koehler, Global VP Marketing, Deliveroo; Broadcaster Jay Rayner; Rory Sutherland, Vice-chair, Ogilvy and Sir Martin Sorrell, Founder & CEO, S4 Capital.

The event also features the MAD//Carnival on 7 July, which features DJ Norman Jay MBE and food and drink activations from Dishoom, Heineken, Campari, Diageo, and Beavertown.