Compared to traditional advertising, with digital video content, advertisers can collect data and have significant advantages in brand representation, advanced targeting and customisation. Today, AI-powered visual processing technology enables high digital video content production capacity. Most brands use video as an integral part of their marketing activities. Still, general misconceptions and the fear of the unknown are highlighted as the main obstacles to overcome for marketers to maximise their success with video ads.

Four Video Marketing Misconceptions Debunked

A research conducted by Survey Monkey with 694 marketers worldwide in 2021 shed light on the problems and concerns of marketers while creating video content. Below are the results of this research and the solutions offered:

1)    66% of marketers don’t want to use videos because they think it's time-consuming.

The perception of video production being a time-consuming effort is one of the most common concerns of marketers. Conventional methods' complexity of the video content production process strengthens this concern.

Solution: There are various options for brands, marketers, and advertisers who don't want to spend much time on video production. New software and technologies make the video content production process easier and faster. The fastest Video Production Tech in the world, presented by United Plankton, provides you with the videos you need in a few hours without waiting for days, filling out forms, or sharing additional information and data with endless meetings.

2)    37% of marketers don't want to use videos because they think it's too expensive.

This is becoming a significant concern, especially for smaller brands with limited marketing budgets and large brands that require high video volumes. 

Solution: Is video production as costly as you think? Researchers say it doesn't need to be. Independent studies claim that 59% of the brands allocate only 10% or less of their marketing budgets to video production or promotion. Thanks to United Plankton’s affordable Video Production Tech solution, images can be transformed into animated and target-oriented short videos. Now, every brand can create impressive video ads with a lower budget.

3)    41% of marketers don't want to use videos because they think it's too complicated.

The complexity of video advertising can be intimidating at first sight. Detailed brief preparation, long project meetings, pre-production, filming logistics, setup and copyright must be considered.

Solution: United Plankton has a straightforward briefing process. They can help bring your static assets to life in a few hours and guide you with their know-how and experience with the world’s leading brands about what kind of animations worked best for their conversions!

4)    80% of marketers don’t want to use videos because they think it’s not feasible.

4 out of 5 marketers assume that high-quality videos can only be created by working with big production companies or special software.

Solution: United Plankton takes pride in rendering every image to perfection, considering its texture, emotion, and atmosphere. From a single static asset, they produce high-quality videos with state-of-the-art animations.

Marketers: Creating a Video Ad is a piece of cake with United Plankton!

Industries in which video content isn’t used enough provide the most exciting opportunities for video marketing. United Plankton team produced more than 40.000 videos in Automotive, Electronics, E-comm, FMCG, Food & Beverage, Finance, Gaming, Retail, Travel, and Telco brands, which helped increase their conversions. United Plankton, a marketing partner of Facebook, Criteo and Google, and working in 10 countries with over 600 brands, opens a new era in advertising with their Video Production Tech solution. All you have to do is send your static assets and your simple brief to United Plankton and watch them create great video ads in a few hours!

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