We confirm. Fortune favours the bold.

This year’s theme, “Fortune favours the bold,” was audible in numerous conversations at the Old Truman Brewery, where the event took place.

At Comscore, as we celebrate our 25th anniversary, our bold spirit has continuously guided us to evolve towards cross-platform measurement as our centre of gravity in this dynamic ecosystem. We put the consumer at the heart of all our measurement efforts, and we let consumers’ behaviours shape the narrative and solutions that we bring to market in the industry. In the words of our CEO, Jon Carpenter, “We know that change is a constant in our industry, but what matters most is consistency and dedication to purpose. If you are true to your mission, then change can always be conquered.” 

At the forefront of digital content reach measurement

Alongside our Total Digital holistic cross-platform solution that combines owned digital and social media measurement – which is now more user-centric than ever because of Social Incremental, our latest innovation capable to de-duplicate it’s footprint– we are working to roll out advancements in Connected TV (CTV) channel-level measurement.

During my on-stage discussion with Channel 4’s Dan Macdonnell, Strategist of Social Branded Entertainment, we examined the wide potential of combining CTV with social media strategies.

We shared the vision that quality and authenticity create social waves that wash up on a broad audience. And cross-platform distribution allows consumers to choose where to surf the content.

For example, watch time on Channel 4’s main YouTube channel on CTV shot up by 190%(1) in the first four months of 2024 alone. And Channel 4.0 – the home for social content creators on YouTube – has chimed with Gen Z across desktop & mobile devices, and today they make up 55%(2) of the channel’s audience.

The chart below illustrates how the extensive reach of different platforms spans generations in the UK. We can see how in the case of YouTube, this platform reaches around 9 in 10 adults across generations.

A new dawn for cross-platform partnerships

Another exciting project is just around the corner: For the first time, Channel 4 Sport’s YouTube channel will broadcast every televised moment of the Paris 2024 Paralympic Games, which can be attributed to a Channel 4 and YouTube unprecedent partnership offering significant opportunities. You can learn more about this collaboration and Channel 4’s demographic affinity with multiple brands here.

Cross-platform measurement is essential for understanding the full scope of digital content reach and making informed decisions. At Comscore, we are committed to innovation that adds value for our clients. For more information about our measurement solutions, don’t hesitate to contact me.