Could you be the Miss Marple of marketing?

Fancy yourself as a bit of a Sherlock and uncovering what really drives your customers?

Much like the plot of a classic murder mystery, the ‘truth’ is rarely as neat and obvious as it might look initially. Successful marketers are like good detectives:

STEP 1 - Be inquisitive and ask questions of convenient logic, data assumptions and how you attribute meaning to human behaviour. 

STEP 2 - Piece together small clues, make the odd tactical creative leap, and begin to understand the motives of your customers. 

STEP 3 - Adapt your approach to drive growth and effectiveness

Well Columbo, it’s time to enrol for this April’s MAD//Masters By Rory Sutherland online course and start questioning convenient ‘truths’ that so often underpin business decision making.


Unlike your average whodunnit, we won’t ever be able to say “case closed”. But by questioning our assumptions and learning how to ask better questions we can open ourselves to a whole world of new possibilities.

Kicking off this April, MAD//Masters By Rory Suthlerland will encourage you to think more. You’ll learn how to become a more inquisitive, innovative and perhaps maverick marketer.

SIGN UP here if you want to grow as a marketer, get closer to the truth and leverage behavioural science and creativity in your campaigns.

Through 10 lectures, live seminars, bonus interviews, an optional assessment, and lunch + learn at MAD//Fest London, you’ll discover how to ask better questions and unlock the value of creativity and behavioural science.  

Places for the April intake are filling up fast and you can get it for £995 + VAT until 31 Jan, saving you £300. Better still, you’ll receive a complimentary ticket to MAD//Fest London worth £650 where we will get to meet over lunch (better than a Parker pen, right?)

You might just find a twist in the plot of your business and career.