The attention debate is about to get bigger: Big Screen bigger. Up until now, most attention data has related solely to desktop and mobile advertising. No longer. For the past month, Lumen has been partnering with TVision to create an attention panel for TV in the UK. 

This means that we now have comparative data across all the major advertising screens: TV, mobile and desktop. 

We'd like to share some of the initial insights from the most comprehensive attention data set in the world with MAD//Fest members at an exclusive virtual event on Thursday 17th November (2pm GMT, 9am EST). 

At the event, we'll be able to share: 

  • Direct comparisons across media using the common currency of attention
  • Calculations of the true 'cost of attention' across media
  • Implications for publishers, advertisers and agencies 
  • Tips for maximising attention during a recession

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