We’ve had to keep this one under our hat for a little while, but we’re excited to finally announce that Eddie Izzard, will be interviewed at MAD//Fest London on 3 July. From drawing on her past experiences, we’ll explore whether brand ‘purpose’ adds anything positive to the challenges faced by humanity.

Best known as a multilingual actor, comedian, and political and social activist, Eddie needs little introduction. Her 'Make Humanity Great Again' campaign, which calls for a better, fairer + kinder world for everyone, saw Eddie run 29 marathons in 29 days through Europe. You can also see Eddie on-stage in London in her critically acclaimed solo performance of Hamlet.

Purpose continues to be one of the more contentious industry issues. 

Be it environmentalism, addressing overconsumption through innovative business models, or social good, advertisers of all shapes and sizes have rallied around the concept of purposeful brands, and purpose-driven communications. 

72% of US Gen Z’s think brands have a responsibility to address social justice issues, so on the face of it, purpose-driven marketing would seem to make good business sense.

But cynics - and in many cases consumers - have called BS, outing disingenuous, tone-deaf brands and creating a potential minefield for advertisers.

So, should we celebrate purpose as a seismic shift in why brands exist and how they act?

Can purposeful brands make a positive contribution to the future of humanity?

Or is it time to get real + banish purpose-washing from the marketing vocabulary? 

Join Eddie for a frank, honest and entertaining conversation about purpose, humanity, and some big existential questions facing marketers today.

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