A marketing leader with over 14 years of experience, Natalia is passionate about the evolution of data-driven marketing strategies and how brands can best connect with digital native audiences. Her future-focused shiny new object is channel-less marketing.

From Curiosity to Clarity in a Niche
Natalia believes the key to a successful career in marketing is cultivating curiosity from an early stage: "Embrace curiosity, and as you get curious, you also can start to connect the dots along [your] progress. And that's where you get to clarity." She advises focusing one's curiosity into a niche field to gain clarity of purpose and expertise.

Understanding Human Experience is Crucial
To Natalia, truly understanding human behaviour, culture, and technology is paramount for effective marketing. She emphasises being "culturally unbiased" and notes: "we are still talking to humans." Marketers need to go back to basics and understand biology and touchpoints before they create a more complicated strategy, regardless of their technology or channel marketing goals.

Channel-less Marketing is the Future
Natalia is passionate about "channel-less marketing" as the next evolution of channel strategy in data driven marketing. She defines it as "how brands interact with people and how people interact with brands," focusing on specific touchpoints rather than channels. The key is delivering "hyper-personalisation" through understanding an individual's "biology, geography, and technology" across platforms.

While technology continues to advance, Natalia notes the biggest challenge in embracing channel-less marketing lies in organisational processes and bridging gaps between analog and digital generations.

Find out more about going channel-less and hear Natalia’s top tips for a career in marketing in the full episode.

The host of the Shiny New Object podcast is Tom Ollerton, founder of Automated Creative.