They say it can be lonely at the top, but since becoming Joint Managing Directors, Laice Gregory (now Jackson) and Alison Rattary-Clarke have been so grateful to have each other to share the huge load that comes with running Fall Off The Wall.

Our combined experience spans decades in the creative production industry, and so we both bring distinct strengths and perspectives to the table.  We have always demonstrated a shared vision, communication and mutual respect which we feel has played an integral part to our journey as female co-leaders.

Under our joint leadership, FOTW has transitioned to an Employee Ownership Trust (EOT) structure, and this hugely reflects our commitment to shared ownership and collaboration. We have always demonstrated a joined-up approach and have consistently represented Fall Off The Wall, always united, attending key client meetings and events and making key decisions together to help drive the agency forward.

This significant milestone, placing female leadership at the forefront of the agency’s future demonstrates Fall Off The Wall’s commitment to diversity and gender equality. As females we want to bring a surge of fresh perspectives that adds value to our agency and makes us as co-leaders stronger together.

So, we wanted to offer our best practices for our effective co-leadership;

Our 5 Best Practices for Effective Co-leadership

1.     Clear Communication and Defined Roles: We chat every day about work and life.  It’s important to have regular catchups to share any concerns and ask for advice.  We know each other’s strengths and we use this to define our roles and we support each other as and when we need it. 

2.     Mutual Respect, Empathy and Trust: We value each other’s expertise, opinion and contributions and we have created an environment where diverse perspectives are welcomed.  We also believe in an empathetic approach because we are all humans and our jobs are not saving lives and we need to be able to navigate difficult times when they arise.  So we foster a culture of respect and trust, which openly builds a strong working relationship and enhances our overall agency morale.

3.     Aligned Vision and Goals: It is so important to be aligned at the top because our vision needs to be felt as it filters down to the team and outward to our clients and partners. So, we regularly discuss and review our short and long-term strategic goals and we keep the team across them too.   

4.     Effective Decision-Making Processes: Without even realising over time we have established structured processes for making decisions collaboratively. Usually these are through consensus-building discussions, or the decision is based on our expertise.  We always ensure that every decision reflects our shared commitment to the agency’s strategic goals which enhances the quality of decisions and promotes accountability and ownership. 

5.     Conflict Resolution Mechanisms: Disagreements are bound to happen in any co-leadership role, we tackle potential issues head-on with open and respectful communication.  We turn differences of opinion into chances for growth. We try to anticipate potential conflicts and we don’t see it as a bad thing because everyone has a voice and should be heard, and this is what strengthens our partnership. 

By sharing the load and playing to each other’s strengths, we’ve created a leadership team that’s even better together. This way of working not only makes high-level management less stressful but also builds a culture of trust and support amongst our team, leading to great success for the agency.

Reach out to us on the Madfest app and see you on 2nd - 4th  July 2024.