Why did you set up DigiLearning?

I grew up experiencing extreme poverty and watched some of our greatest minds being lost to the system; due to lack of opportunities, routes to market and the education system. I know how tough it is and what it takes to succeed.

What does DigiLearning do?
We believe digital should be the fourth pillar of education and our current education system is failing on so many levels. We specialise in leveling the playing field and providing digital skills support for all. Our programmes and courses deliver digital and life skills, mentoring, jobs for careers for the digital age. 

What have been your proudest achievements with DigiLearning?

Seeing our students grow in confidence, getting new skills and thriving. When kids who live in Barbados are getting internships and smashing it in London; working remotely from Barbados you know something kinda magic is happening. 

Why has our industry got it so wrong on diversity + inclusion?
It seems to be about ticking a box. Industry still has not caught on to the ridiculous creative talent out there like the Stormzy’s, Adele’s and Marcus Rashford’s of the advertising space. Inclusivity makes sense for talent and the bottom line.

Give us 3 reasons why our industry should prioritise D&I…
1. We’re losing the geniuses, the people who think differently. Gamechangers, leaders. 

2. Inclusive teams and cultures make more money. FACT. The music and sports industries caught on to this a very long time ago, investing in funding talent search and training. 

3. It’s good for the culture of a company, we learn from those around us and it feels good when everyone is included. Also companies have a 20% increase in profits when a diverse culture is at the heart of their business. 

How can businesses support a more diverse and inclusive industry?

Stop thinking of it as a tickbox and start treating it like it’s the reason your business will be relevant, have the best talent, make way more money and have the best culture in the world! 

What are the best examples of companies making a positive impact on D&I?

TAKUMI and The Financial Times. They are the reason we have been able to make an impact on 4000 young people over the last year. They are walking the talk. Action speaks louder than words.

What can individuals do to support new talent from diverse backgrounds?                             

Give people a chance…a stepping stone. Get involved in programmes like Digilearnings’ GirlRise and Digirise. Stop employing carbon copies of yourself!

What are you doing at MAD//Fest?

Flourish! The top of the billboard is for our young people to flourish. We have a thought-provoking panel providing the audience with insights around inclusion, supported by June Sarpong. Our young people will then be provided with a live brief from Takumi and NatWest and they will have to present their killer ideas within 24 hours!

How can MAD//Fest attendees support DigiLearning and Flourish?

You can pledge using the link! Pledge an hour of mentoring time, run workshops,  recruit for a role or internship, sponsor us or all the above! 

Lisa Goodchild is speaking alongside broadcaster June Sarpong, TAKUMI client director Evelyn Oluwole and young creator Boshra Gjam at 15.40 on 7 July.

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