From Christmas with Michael Bublé down your local ASDA, to Morrison's anthropomorphic oven gloves and even notable absences (nice work, Iceland!), watching 2023’s crop of Christmas ads is the perfect way to see behavioural science, creativity and data at work. Some strike gold in unlikely places (think Kevin the Carrot), others flop, but all seek to capture your attention, influence loyalty and drive your rational and irrational behaviour. 

Shrewd application of behavioural science, creative thinking and knowing the strengths and limitations of data is where the magic happens. It's also the focus of my MAD//Masters By Rory Sutherland 12 week CPD-accredited programme. 

Kicking off this week, I've created MAD//Masters to help people like you ask more questions, consider counterintuitive ideas and be bold enough to take creative risks using a bedrock of understanding I've gained from my successes, failures and geeky fascination with academia. 

Whether you're a marketer, business leader, new business exec, b2b practitioner or founder, the course is designed to help you experiment, consider the relatively untapped power of behavioural science and steal a march on the competition without breaking the bank. 

The first episode is now live and there are just a handful of places remaining on this autumn's course.  So why not give yourself, a client or best buddy the gift of MAD//Masters By Rory Sutherland?



  • 12 CPD-accredited on-demand lectures dedicated to helping you expand your suite of behavioural science  and creative solutions
  • 6 live virtual seminars where I’ll be on hand to answer your questions, share examples of innovative solutions in your field, and offer the odd bit of constructive feedback!
  • An optional assessment project for which I will provide video feedback (go on, share it on LinkedIn or with the boss in your next annual review!)
  • A complimentary VIP ticket to MAD//Fest London (worth £650) where I’ll be hosting a ‘lunch and learn’ masterclass and meet-up with your peers
  • A collaborative learning experience shared with top international marketers, brand experts, agency innovators, commercial leaders and founders.


Now is the time to SIGN UP HERE for MAD//Masters as places are extremely limited. It's also the perfect opportunity to take stock of your plans for the year ahead and add a little behavioural science thinking and creative magic to your strategy.  


You'll see plenty of me during the course, from the lectures, to answering your questions in the love seminars, to in-person at MAD//Fest. The course costs just £995 + VAT and includes a guest ticket to MAD//Fest London next summer worth £650 (what a way to keep the FD sweet!)

There's even group discounts available by contacting my friendly antipodean course lead Sam Benton on

So grab one of the last few places on MAD//Masters and I hope to see you next week!


Vice-chair, Ogilvy, Co-founder, MAD//Masters By Rory Sutherland