MAD//Fest and New Digital Age have joined forces to launch a new week-long worldwide virtual festival on 15-19 June that will see global brands pitch big ideas on how media, marketing and advertising will play a role in building a better world.

Featuring contributions from 75+ marketing and innovation leaders at VICE, Missguided, Coca-Cola, Not On The High St,, AB InBev, TSB, Vodafone, Just-Eat, Radisson Hotels, WW and many more, the Digital 99//Club fuses bitesize 99 second bursts of inspiration with unique digital experiences. These include a ‘Cribs’ inspired tour of Rory Sutherland’s home, influencer marketing over homemade cocktails with and live streamed entertainment designed to bring the industry closer together.

The Festival will take place online in front of an invite-only global audience of 2,000+ brands and agencies, based on this year’s MAD//Fest London theme, ‘Emerge Stronger’.

The week will include dedicated days on Influencer Marketing, Media + Tech Innovation, Customer Experience + Personalisation, Brand Experience + Engagement and Growth Hacking + Innovation.

Using a cutting-edge virtual event platform, the Festival will use digital to enable a creative experience and allow the industry’s most influential leaders to network, exchange ideas and build relationships at a time when social distancing measures are expected to still be in force in many countries.

“Whether it’s face-to-face or virtual, an event should be an experience that people remember, enjoy and get value from attending. Expect big ideas that make you think differently, plenty of fun and lots of opportunities to connect with cool people – all free from boring long presentations and meandering panels,” says Dan Brain, MAD//Fest London’s Co-founder + Content Director.

“The Digital 99//Club platform will create a genuinely unique experience that uses digital to inspire, entertain and bring people together at a time when we most need it.”

“New Digital Age is dedicated to celebrating the best of our industry and there has never been a time when such celebration is more needed,” adds Andy Oakes, Publisher of New Digital Age.

“The launch of the 99 Club in February was a huge success with our innovative partners Ian and Dan at MAD//Fest and the Digital 99//Club Festival is going to be a standout highlight of this year’s event calendar, virtual or otherwise.”

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