Generative AI, NLP, VR/AR, and Big Data are just a few of the emerging technologies that are transforming how research is done and insights gleaned. The pitch, which will take place at MAD//Fest on the Brand Innovation stage, will help Mars “hear from startups who are harnessing exciting new tech, to help us future-proof our insights capabilities.”

Mars’ Senior Director, Consumer Insights, (and Brand Challenge Judge), Sorin Patalinet said: “Mars is a company that’s been at the forefront of insights innovation for years.” He added: “Understanding people's behaviours is our mantra in research. While we are constantly amazed by our current research partners, our curiosity brings us to MAD//Fest this year with the hope to find even more innovation in insights.”

This year’s MAD//Fest will see some of the world’s top brands provide briefs as MAD//Fest’s House of Innovation start-up partners pitch for the chance to secure pilots and deliver innovative solutions to real brand challenges. The pitches, which are being run by Co:Cubed and are exclusively available to start-ups exhibiting in MAD//Fest’s Start-Up Street, part of the House of Innovation are collectively worth £120k and form the backbone of the innovation-focused content.

“MAD//Fest’s Brand Innovation Stage and adjoining ‘Start-Up Street' is the place to discover new start-ups and see how they can address the real challenges of the world’s top brands. We’re thrilled that Mars has chosen MAD//Fest as the platform to meet the best and most exciting and innovative startups.” said Luke Wilcox, MAD//Fest London’s Content Director. 

Over 10,000 brands and agencies are expected to attend MAD//Fest London 2023. Speakers this July include Alesandra Bellini, Chief Customer Officer, Tesco; Fiona Tomlin, CMO (UK + Ireland), PepsiCo, Thomas Beahon, Co-Founder, Castore, Christopher Miller, Global Head of Brand Activism, Ben & Jerry’s, and Ben Dancer, Director of Brand Marketing, Harry’s Razors

Early Bird tickets are available here.