Where can thousands of the world’s most curious business minds, original thinkers and fertile imaginations come together to change the world’s behaviour? 

Nudgestock is the world’s biggest festival of behavioural science and creativity attracting all with a thirst for knowledge and an appetite to understand the human animal. Our theme this year is MESSY. That's because our heads are messy, our organisations are messy, and the world messy. But where there's mess, there's opportunity to change behaviour. 

This year we have partnered with MAD//Fest adding an extra day to the festival, looking at how behavioural science and creativity collide. We will draw in a brilliant audience of influential decision makers that are carving out the future of marketing, advertising and technology across public and private sectors.

C-suite marketeers, practitioners and the nudge-curious will learn how to think like a behavioural scientist as counter-intuitive ideas and real-world case studies are discussed, debated, and celebrated by the planet’s boldest thinkers. We will hear from a leading data visualiser, experts in food for peak brain performance, and see how others who are combining behavioural insights with creativity bring to life impactful ideas. In previous years, we have platformed a wide range of speakers from Nobel prize winners such as Daniel Kahneman and Richard Thaler to celebrities such as John Cleese and Ruby Wax and it is hosted by our very own Rory Sutherland.

Join us as a Nudgestock partner on the 7th of July, as thousands of decision makers, marketing directors, product managers and policy makers who are hungry for change, look for companies that will take them there.

Ready to see what happens when behavioural science and creativity collide? 

Only at Nudgestock. Curated by Ogilvy Consulting. 

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The Nudgestock Team