Scott Somerville, E.ON’s Head of Brand + Marketing outlined the brief by provided context for the market E.ON want to operate in. “We're entering kind of almost a third age of energy at the moment. We were about big power stations, now we are focusing on the growth of renewables… So how, through our media, do we change our customers' behaviour, and get them to action on clean energy, rather than just talk a good game?”

Bidstack will now have the chance to scale their business with E.ON through a £20K pilot pitch.

Bidstack’s solution was based on their unique ability to give E.ON access to the real world gaming environment. 

Pitching for Bidstack, John Kennedy, their International Partnerships Manager, said: “We take your game assets, be that your logo, and render them in to the game instantly. So your asset and logo is is part of the natural gameplay be that in FIFA 22 or this real life racing game.” 

Kennedy stressed the often forgotten size of the gaming market with 3 billion playing worldwide: “It is bigger than the movie  and music industry put together.” What also was attractive to E.ON was the fact that the audience is very relevant to the brief with “53% of gamers believing the environment is of great importance, 50% are actively in the market for an electric vehicle, and 46% actively avoid brands with a poor environmental record.” 

Speaking of the winning pitch, Somerville said: “it’s great because we can borrow their equity with a really different audience,” and that, ‘its simplicity’ was also very appealing. ”The way Bidstack have thought about not just their product, their execution, but also how you would help the brand with it too, is very impressive.” 

To find out more about Bidstack’s gaming solution and see their winning pitch, watch this short video.  

The Brand Innovation Challenge was hosted by E.ON’s Scott Somerville and Co:Cubed Founder and CEO Jeremy Basset, You can watch all the MAD//Fest London action including the PITCH//IT sessions from Boots, McCormick, AB InBev, Coca-Cola, and M&S on our YouTube channel. Just select the ‘House of Innovation’ playlist for each day to catch all of the pitches.