The prevailing programmatic media buying model has unwittingly monetised hate speech and inflammatory content over quality journalism, according to GSK’s EMEA Senior Director Jerry Daykin.

Speaking at a Channel Factory ‘Marketing After Dark’ MAD//Fest special alongside Channel Factory SVP Global Marketing Lauren Douglass and Conscious Advertising Network’s Harriet Kingaby, Daykin said: “How we buy media is ‘get me impressions, get me clicks, get me eyeballs. We don’t always ask enough questions about where those eyeballs are, and what they’re surrounded by.”

“Unfortunately, that’s created an internet that has monetised clickbait, hate speech and other inflammatory content that does unfortunately get eyeballs and clicks. Advertisers need to take a step back and say, yes programmatic media is important, but we should also care where we appear,” added Daykin.

The MAD//Fest special episode also tackles how to deal with ethical conflicts, diversity and inclusion in tech and how to create a more digital diverse ecosystem. 

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