When the team over at MAD//Fest launched their 2020 #emergestronger theme, it got us thinking here at Rare – if ‘Emerge Stronger’ was a branded product, what might it be and how might it look?

Not content with ending the thought there, we asked DAN, our proprietary Data Analysis and Natural Language Processing system, to run an exploration around the keywords of ‘Emerge’ and ‘Stronger’ to help us develop a concept that will do just that.

A Brand Made By Data AND Language: The Process

Firstly, we gathered some relevant data sources. As we had no actual consumer in mind, we used publicly available general data including numerous websites, blogs, social media and Publications.

We then set DAN to work, using neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) to read the data, build an understanding of it and do what it does best; explore the lateral and conceptual associations to give us a greater breadth of knowledge for our creative starting point.

A few hours later, when this was complete, we ran a keyword search of the words ‘Emerge’ and ‘Stronger’. We then ran a second wave exploring the phrase ‘Emerge Stronger’ and a third containing the words ‘Faster’, ‘Strength’ and ‘Character’ as these words had the strongest connections to the original search.

We collated the output, a list of several hundred words associated to the search terms, to form an extensive word bank from which we could strategically select the most relevant to build the concept we had in mind. 

Simultaneously, we pulled in hundreds of segmented images which inspired the creation of a visual mood board (The Intelligent Brief™).

All that was left was to develop the concept – A healthy shot with an accompanying vitamin capsule. 

A Dynamic Duo of nutrition for the brain and the body #emergestronger.

And the result? See for yourself!