To manage the internal resources of a Brand, Finance teams have ERPs. Sales teams have CRMs. Marketing teams on the other hand have to rely on spreadsheets and email chains.  A very inadequate operating model for an 800 billion dollars global advertising industry.

The world has been running like that for ages. Nothing wrong with it, except for its inefficiency, room for human error, information siloing, and lack of governance across a (growing) 11000 platforms.

That's why Alessandro Gennari, SVP, Acquisition at DAZN Group outgrew this way of work.That's why they chose an Advertising Resource Management platform to gain governance, transparency, and efficiency over their omnichannel campaigns.

For those who don't know DAZN Group, they are the world’s leading live sports streaming service. Purpose-built to stream live sports globally, DAZN is the market leader in Italy, Spain, Germany, and Japan, where it holds the top-tier domestic football rights – Serie A, La Liga, Bundesliga, and J League, respectively – as well as the richest catalogue of live and on-demand content.
For Brands with such a global presence, keeping up was an impossible job.

By setting up an ARM platform, they can have the control they need at a central level, whilst giving independence to each of the individual markets. All campaigns' data automatically gets in one single place, allowing for endless possibilities.From having a single source of truth for all things media to improved collaboration between teams - no matter if internal or external - alongside central orchestration. It's something so "normal" that it raises the question: why wasn't this a thing before?

There's no simple answer.

On one side, with a growing economic world there was no need for high levels of governance and accountability, with brands content with investing what the media agency said and receiving recurring reports for it.

On the other, a solution like this needs to manage and orchestrate all the different channels, platforms, and media a company uses for its advertising. An incredibly complex tasks, when there are more than 11000 MarTech solutions on the market (
To be fair, there were solutions on the market focusing on narrow sections of the advertising workflow, solving - at least partially - the complexity issue. But none of them were addressing the full advertising workflow.

That was, until MINT decided to make the impossible, possible.

A unifying and end-to-end Advertising Resource Management platform. A way for brands to infuse automation and AI into their workflows, or to use their own solutions leveraging on their Advertising Equity - the collection of historical campaign data, which gets automatically built over time.

To sum up, a way for brands to get control over all the advertising running on behalf of their company, governing heterogeneous campaigns from heterogeneous teams under a homogeneous vision.

Alessandro Gennari, SVP, Acquisition, DAZN Group, will be speaking at MAD//Fest London with Salvatore Internullo, Chief Growth Officer, MINT, at the "How brands are getting control over advertising resources: a conversation with DAZN" keynote session on July, 4th at 1:15 PM on the Brand Innovation Stage. Click here for the agenda.