Content creators dream of hitting deadlines, crafting amazing content, and reaching the right audience. But for large teams managing multiple websites and churning out a constant stream of content, the struggle is real. 

Delivering the right content, at the right time, on the right channel is a constant battle for content teams. They often face these common challenges: 

·       Disparate systems and tools 

Businesses often experience issues with updating website content (in 48% of surveyed organizations) or content consistency (47%). Without the right technology in place to support content creation, it can be challenging for businesses to maintain consistency. 

·       Complex processes 

71% of organizations in 2023 reported that remote and hybrid work had resulted in reduced collaboration. When there are no clear processes in place, it’s easy for information to get lost or for people to end up doing the same work without realizing it. 

·       People and resources 

66% of professionals who create content for social media feel they have too many responsibilities. This can lead to stress and errors. It can be tough to keep everything organized, especially in large organizations. 

·       Lack of data 

Without sufficient data to inform content strategies and decisions, organizations can struggle to understand their audience’s preferences, behaviors, and needs. Between 60–73% of data goes unused in analytics today, highlighting the vast amount of untapped potential for insights that could drive innovation. 

These content creation challenges were all too familiar to Kramp, a leading provider of parts and accessories for Europe’s agriculture sector. Their content management system (CMS) was a roadblock to regional teams. Even simple website updates took an average of three weeks to complete due to the team’s reliance on developers. 

Seeking a single source for localized, multichannel content across Europe, Kramp opted for, the industry’s first AI-powered CMS, to deliver cutting-edge digital experiences. Switching to a flexible solution equipped regional marketing teams with an easy-to-use interface, slashing edit times and empowering them to update content directly in the platform. 

The switch to a modern CMS paid off in a big way—here’s a look at the game-changing results they saw: 

·       Landing page creation time from 4-6 weeks to less than one hour 

·       Independent regional marketing teams now update content immediately 

·       Localized content variants for 20+ languages and custom personalization engine’s built-in AI empowers the regional teams at Kramp to effortlessly translate content and unlock global markets. They were able to translate all their English content to local languages with AI’s help and even leverage it directly in the platform for faster content creation.  

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