If you're looking to remain resilient through the challenges of 2023 marketers should dig a little deeper and think about where and how you could benefit,  the nuances of your category and customers, believes Rory Sutherland, as he spoke to MAD//Insight ahead of April’s MAD//Masters course. 

Taking ‘averages’ and following with the crowd should come with a health warning. Why? Not all product categories or consumers are affected by downturns in the same way. “The way people will draw in their horns and tighten their belts will vary quite a bit.” He added that, ‘If you can find a way where you brand, or some of the things your brands sells, can actually profit for this, then do it!” 

Reframing challenges, asking more questions and digging a bit deeper can lead you to make entirely different decisions to the ones you might arrive at from studying the law of averages.

Created and hosted by Sutherland, MAD//Masters is an online course for marketers who want to use creativity, behavioural science and innovation to address the challenges created by mass disruption.

Featuring on-demand lectures, live seminars, and an in-person meet-up and masterclass from Rory at MAD//Fest London (4-6 July), the CPD-accredited course has been purposely designed for brand and agency marketers, b2b specialists, commercial leaders and founders.

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