Imagine a space where 'ordinary' is obsolete, and 'extraordinary' is the norm. That's the essence of our Brand Innovation Challenge. Picture Shark Tank's intensity combined with the creative fervour of Dragons Den, all within the marketing domain. In 2023, industry giants like Boots, Unilever and YUM! stepped up, laying out challenges that sparked the imagination of startups and innovators. For instance, Doorway’s ingenious solution for Taco Bell was selected to transform 'Taco Tuesday' into a cultural phenomenon in the UK. That's the power of audacious, innovative thinking we celebrate.

Now, it's your turn. We're inviting brands to be part of the Brand Innovation stage, presenting your challenge to some of the most innovative startups in marketing, and inviting them to pitch their big idea. Whether it's an issue or opportunity you need solved, a social cause you're looking to amplify or a technological leap you're looking to make, your brief could be the catalyst for groundbreaking innovation.

This is more than a challenge; it's an opportunity to position your brand as an industry leader, a trendsetter and an innovator. MAD//Fest London is the platform where you can make a statement, influence the market, and inspire a new wave of marketing strategies.

Joining the fray won't cost you a dime. However, our selection panel is looking for the biggest and boldest challenges in marketing. We also ask that you ring-fence £20k to run a pilot, should you find the right solution. 

Are you ready to join the ranks of those who are reshaping the world of marketing? To stand among the courageous, the creative, and the innovative at MAD///Fest London? To challenge the conventional and inspire revolutionary ideas in marketing?

Ready to be a Dragon? Get in touch with  to explore how your brand can lead a Brand Innovation Challenge, and let's put your brand at the front-and-centre of innovation at MAD//Fest 2024.