Immersion’ doesn’t just mean becoming a disciple of the Wim Hoff method + kicking off every morning sitting in a freezing cold bathtub in your backyard to the consternation of your neighbours. 

At MAD//Fest London (2-4 July), ‘immersion’ is a much more enjoyable experience as thousands of brands visit the festival to absorb the latest innovations, discover trends + have eureka moments where common problems are solved by their peers + partners.

Our content programme is the beating heart of our show. A bit like an extra cold shower in the morning, it’s designed to leave top brands feeling energised, in a clearer headspace, and enlightened. 

So if you’re looking to get future clients’ pulse racing + immerse them in what you do, we thought we’d share a sneak preview of the 9 (yes 9!) stages we’re programming at the festival in 2024. 

Here’s what you can expect at MAD//Fest:

NEW: Simultaneous Hexagon Stages - that’s right, MAD//Fest London 2024 will feature dual main stages that will bring together the industry’s most exciting brands, disruptors, celebrity entrepreneurs + agency bigwigs to create an innovative hybrid experience across two kickass theatres.

NEW: Creator Economy Stage - it’s one of the hottest issues in town + market that’s set to be worth $500 billion by 2027, according to the clever people at Goldman Sachs. This is the stage that won’t mention the ‘i’ word, so whether you’re an agency working in this space, social media platform, creator, monetisation tool or content business, this new track is the place to be if you want to immerse top brands and agencies in the creator economy opportunity.

NEW: AI + Emerging Tech Stage - Web 3.0, AI, VR + AR + machine learning are no longer futuristic things people talk about at dull conferences. They’re an important part of the here, now + future of marketing + advertising. To the uninitiated, new tech can be scary + intimidating, so this brand new stage is designed to showcase the most exciting AI-based + emerging technologies + illuminate brands on how they can create powerful experiences, targeted personalisation + top of the class customer experience.

NEW: Creativity Stage - not one, not two but three days of unbridled creativity from the world’s top creatives, brands, marketers + creative tech firms. At MAD//Fest, ‘creativity’ doesn’t just mean making pretty ads that receive a few awards. We’ll be putting the spotlight on the pioneers who are pushing boundaries, expanding our understanding of what’s possible + flipping accepted wisdom on its heads with maverick determination.

ATTENTION Stage - MAD//Fest was an early adopter of the attention economy conversation back in 2021 + has become the destination event for the pioneering brands, agencies, publishers, tech platforms, research firms, economists, authors + academics who are driving the future of this booming space + game changing shift in technology, thinking + value creation.

DigiAds Stage - Featuring deep dives on retail media, CTV, and responsible media, DigiAds is back for more punchy content on the latest opportunities, shifts + challenges in digital advertising. If you’re an adtech platform, trading desk, network, DSP/SSP, publisher or agency, don’t miss this opportunity to immerse top brands in the latest innovation + trends that will define the digital advertising space.

Female Leaders’ Club Stage - One of the highlights of MAD//Fest 2023, we’re expanding the concept of the Female Leaders’ Bar as a place to be inspired, hear from the women who are leading iconic businesses, and network in a fun environment. The Female Leaders’  Club stage is the perfect platform to showcase your amazing female leaders + position your business as an attractive place to work that’s committed to eliminating inequality, glass ceilings + damaging work practices.

Brand Innovation Stage - put simply, this is where brands + innovation collide. We’ll be back with more £20k pitch briefs from the world’s top advertisers and amazing tech + solution providers who have enabled brands to reach dizzying new heights. We’ll also feature keynotes from visionary innovation leaders who are embracing emerging opportunities, collaborating to great effect, and unlocking value in new technologies.

For information about how you can get involved, attend, or speak at next summer's must attend event contact