Instagram needs to have far fewer filters and we all need to use them less according JCDecaux Client Marketing Manager, Dena Weal.

Weal’s rallying cry is part of MAD//Fest’s and New Digital Age’s 99//Club. Weal said, “As a marketer the social media landscape is getting louder by the second, yet, society seems to be getting shallower.” This has had a devastating effect on women’s self-esteem. Many try to reach the standards of beauty being portrayed on social media platforms or compare themselves, unfavourably, to “the influencer with 100,000 likes.” 

Obsessed with unrealistic beauty filters many will unfairly spot flaws in their looks and get trapped in an instagram cycle of, “filter, influencer, sponsored post”. With the power of influencers becoming stronger and algorithms constantly changing, women are now seeing fewer of the posts and pages they want to view and more of those they don’t. 

In her 99//Club video, Weal praises LUSH for deleting their Instagram and Facebook accounts, thereby creating a safer environment for their customers. She also provides some advice on what the public and Instagram can all do to ensure we can all appreciate our own, and everyone else's, natural beauty. 

Listen to her 99 seconds here

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