As the Interim Head of Ecommerce Middle East for the PUMA group, Roy Wentzel is currently focusing on building the brand's presence in the region, starting in the UAE and working towards launching in Saudi Arabia. Beyond a very long and illustrious career in e-commerce, Roy is an advocate of progress when it comes to the development of websites for brands' shops and consumer experience.

His Shiny New Object is headless e-commerce, a new way to design e-commerce beyond the traditional back and front-end connected by a lot of code. Wentzel says that e-commerce has made websites more flexible, more consumer friendly and easier to find through Google. That''s not to say that he does not think there are downside to headless e-commerce

Find out how the more customisable, flexible platform that headless e-commerce offers can enhance brands’ customer journey, as well as what the possible perils are, on the latest episode of The Shiny New Object podcast, as Wentzel chats to Tom Ollerton.

The host of the Shiny New Object podcast is Tom Ollerton, founder of Automated Creative.