1. 2023 is the year of?

The ice cold shot

2. Who is your hero from the marketing and advertising world? Why?

Mark Ritson – he has a way of making even the driest subjects entertaining

3. What was the last ad your saw that made you buy something?

I haven’t bought it but I was recently stuck in Zurich airport for four hours staring at a Tissot ad which brought me pretty far down the purchase channel. I reckon if someone had offered it to me I would have bought it

4. What’s your all time favourite advert/campaign and why?

If I had to pick one, it would be Volvo Truck’s “the Epic Split” – a brilliant example of how you can turn something boring (“our truck can drive backwards in a straight line) into a personal, compelling story. Closely behind: Lufthansa’s “Everyone’s Fanhansa” – for obvious reasons  

This Lufthansa advert is wonderfully pitched and Christian is a big fan.

5. Riding the Storm - how are you persuading your CFO to keep on investing in innovation and creativity and not cut your marketing budget?

Showcasing how creativity moves equity numbers – and make sure he gets all the latest brand merch.

6. What keeps you awake at night?

Planes. I live in West London.

7. The Metaverse - in, (‘it’s the future baby!!’)  or out, (“I’ve seen Ready Player One and didn’t like it!”) ? Give a reason for your choice

Meta-what? Joking aside, it’s probably too early to call. Not sure it’s already over and done with but it reminded me a bit of the Vine or Pokemon Go or Wordle hypes. Everyone (in the industry) is going crazy about it except for everyone (in the real world). Having said that, I believe the web 3.0 (blockchain etc) will potentially change things massively. So to answer the question: let’s see

8. Given the advances in AI, do you have a job in 5 years time?

The plan is that AI will do my job but no one knows except me

9. Which established brand continues to inspire you?

I have to admit I am impressed by how Volkswagen has come back. They screwed up so bad that they were on the brink on extinction, except they weren’t. What is this if not the best showcase for why brand equity is important.

10. Which challenger/game changing brand should we all have our eyes on?

Tony’s Chocolonely – great cause but also a good and very tasty product (please send samples)

Tony's Chocolonely - If you are reading this Christian would like you to send over some samples...

11. What’s the biggest opportunity in marketing and advertising right now?

Never lose sight of the basics: what do consumers want? What do you to offer them that? Tell them – over and over again. Consistency is key!

12. What is the most underrated superpower in marketing?

See above: consistency

13. Which (emerging) trend or innovation of 2023 will have the greatest impact on the industry in 2024?

As Mark Twain said, predictions are difficult, especially when they concern the future, but I believe AI will change the ways we work. 

14. What would you most like to change about the ad industry?

Let’s not take ourselves too seriously. And let’s stop calling every new idea “disruptive”.

15. What are you speaking about at MAD//Fest in July?

About how despite all the doom and gloom, consumers still go out at night and have fun.

Christian Stindt will be taking to the stage at MAD//Fest in July alongside other great speakers who include, Alesandra Bellini, Chief Customer Officer, Tesco; Fiona Tomlin, CMO (UK + Ireland), PepsiCo, Thomas Beahon, Co-Founder, Castore, Christopher Miller, Global Head of Brand Activism, Ben & Jerry’s, and Ben Dancer, Director of Brand Marketing, Harry’s Razors. 

Earlybird tickets are available here.