Say It Now, the London-based voice commerce company has announced the acquisition of GetStarted – a North American voice tech platform – to accelerate its strategic growth within the rapidly expanding voice commerce market.

Coinciding with the acquisition, AdTech industry veteran Grant Allaway, the previous owner of ad2one, has been appointed to the Board of Say It Now.

The acquisition of GetStarted will consolidate Say It Now’s market-leading position by significantly increasing the capabilities of its technology, reducing operational costs, increasing speed of delivery and opening new markets and revenue streams. The move builds on an impressive record of organic growth for Say It Now since its inception in 2018 including securing Diageo as a client, establishing media partnerships with DAX from Global and Octave Audio and building strategic relationships with A Million Ads and Hawk.

Say It Now, who produced MAD//Fest’s ‘Madbot’ in 2019 and have been selected to pitch in MAD//Fest’s ‘PITCH//IT’ series, enable brands to create audio campaigns that listeners can engage directly with – by requesting more information about a product or service, or by purchasing directly through voice commands on smart speakers. Earlier this year Say It Now partnered with Mediacom and Bayer for a campaign where listeners to Global’s radio stations were able to order a ‘Berocca Boost’ by talking to their Amazon device during the commercial breaks. Say It Now has also created Diageo’s “Talisker Tasting Experience”.

With predictions that 50% of consumers will use voice shopping by 2022,, Say It Now is preparing for a series A round backed by Oberon Capital. This is with a view to consolidating the tech team and developing the North American business in order to digitally transform audio advertising and capture a proportion of a global voice transactions market expected to reach $164bn by 2025.

Following the acquisition, Charlie Cadbury will remain as CEO of Say It Now. Norbert Horvath, Founder and CEO of GetStarted, will become Say It Now’s Chief Technology Officer & EVP US. Co-Founder Sander Siezen retains the role of Chief Product Officer.

“We look forward to working with GetStarted’s exceptional team to transform traditional audio advertising. We want to do this in a way that enhances the listener experience and allows brands to optimise their campaigns in real-time based on engagement data,” Charlie Cadbury, CEO and Founder, Say It Now.

“We are excited to have joined Say It Now and look forward to powering our shared vision that every advertisement can be actionable and offer an instant conversion.

“The personal nature of voice commerce can help brands to foster sustained relationships with consumers in a sophisticated way that traditional broadcast advertising struggles to compete with. The market has a huge growth potential and we are looking forward to cementing Say It Now’s leadership in this space,” added Norbert Horvath, Founder and CEO, GetStarted, and incoming Chief Technology Officer.