Influencers, bloggers, or creators - we’ve all been exposed to them and we all let them influence us to at least consider a brand, if not straight out buy their product or service. Lucrèce Sicat, Head of Creator Marketing, Europe, at Amazon, tells us why creator commerce is actually her Shiny New Object and how brands can make the most of this avenue towards consumers’ hearts and minds. 

The strength of content creators is that they have a loyal and engaged audience that values their output. With this in mind, Lucrèce thinks that creators offer unique opportunities for engaging with a target audience. As they curate product recommendations for an audience they know better than any marketer, creators can support both performance based and brand based campaigns.

For brands looking to increase awareness and consideration, creators offer a direct line of communication with their target audience. However, those brands need to be very clear and very focused with their objectives. Having multiple goals, from awareness to sales and beyond, dilutes the value of a creator commerce project. Focusing on one aspect that can be defined and tracked by both sides is the way to succeed.

Lucrèce also thinks that going small is sometimes better. Sometimes, those voices that don’t have a huge number of followers hold significantly more sway with a targeted, niche audience. They are respected by a specialised group of consumers and they maintain their credibility through this specialisation. Therefore, marketers who have a very good idea of their niche target audience stand to gain lots from collaborating with content creators.

For Lucrèce, the new voices that have so much influence on consumers are forcing a marketing rethink. They symbolise a shift in the traditional approach to sales and are driving a more authentic and targeted approach to marketing. 

To find out more about creator commerce and hear Lucrèce’s three-step programme to succeeding in collaborating with creators, tune in to the latest episode here.

The host of the Shiny New Object podcast is Tom Ollerton, founder of Automated Creative.