It’s traditionally the time of year to make bold predictions about the next big thing, plan winter sunshine escapes and vow to atone for the excesses of Christmas by not touching another carb, alcoholic drink or meat-and-two veg dinner until January has passed.

But here we are – another year, another lockdown. It’s a familiar situation, only this time served up with a dollop of Trumpageddon madness and panic over tariffs on important things like Percy Pigs (thanks Brexit). On second thought, maybe that leftover bottle of Christmas plonk and M&S selection box could be useful whilst stuck at home over the next few weeks.

But there is optimism in the air this time around. Vaccines are being rolled out across the globe and pragmatism has replaced shock in the way we respond to disruption. The virtue of patience has been severely tested over the last year or so, but – dare I say it – many businesses are looking forward with a degree of confidence on what the future will bring. 

So that’s why we’ve selected ‘Forward’ as the theme for our upcoming MAD//Anywhere virtual event this spring. We’ll be back in the studio on 10-11 March to bring you a fix of inspiration, strategic insight and fresh insight to help you plan for the brave new world. 

One upside of mass disruption is that there is plenty to talk about (handy for conferences). Emerging technology is creating opportunities for immersive brand experiences and innovative commerce. Marketers have big decisions on how to spend precious budgets – the familiar brand v performance conundrum is being shaken up by the likes of Instagram and TikTok.

Governments, global brands and challengers are all banking on innovation being the way back to growth but where do you start and what do you prioritise? There’s the question of how to engage the consumer who spends more time at home playing FIFA than looking at ads on the tube commuting to the office. The marketing game may be tough right now, but it certainly isn’t dull.

So what can you expect from MAD//Anywhere? 

Put simply, we’ve lined-up a stellar cast of CMOs, agency leaders, entrepreneurs and media leaders to share their plans, innovations and ambitions that will take their businesses forward. We’ll be hosting two more of our incredibly popular PITCH//IT £20k innovation pitches that connect real brand briefs with the latest emerging technology. And whilst a trip to a nice Soho pub for some midweek networking is off the cards for now, you can join a global community of marketing leaders on the MAD//Anywhere platform to strike an impromptu conversation that may lead to something brilliant. 

Just like giving up your vices in January, not everything you plan to do in 2021 will stick. But there’s plenty to get excited about how you can take your business forward and emerge stronger.

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