Following Boris’ big announcement this week, the internet is alive with LOLs depicting the excitement of your average locked down Brit for eating out, hitting the pub or following the herd down to Greece (we like the simplicity of this one).

But what are we looking forward to the most? 

The most eagerly anticipated MAD//Fest London ever on 7-8 July, that’s what!

Yep, MAD//Fest will take over a giant car park in east London for two days of exciting content, innovation and good old fashioned, in-real-life networking in the great outdoors/al fresco/en plein air!

MAD//Fest events will be both in real life and virtual going forward so you can join us live from Shoreditch, Santorini or anywhere you find yourself on 7-8 July.

We know how important face-to-face events are to our community. So as a start-up that's done its fair share of digital transformation in the past year, it gives us huge satisfaction to make MAD//Fest London the UK’s first major marketing festival after a near-18 month hiatus for the events industry.

Just like a responsible government, we’ll be “led by the data” and will do everything within our power to make MAD//Fest the safest, best and most exciting marketing event this summer.

We’ll have various safety measures in place and will take all precautions necessary to give you peace of mind. The festival will take place mostly outdoors and under canvas in 2021 - in other words, in the most well ventilated space you can hold an event. Above all, it will be loads of fun - and let’s be honest, we could all do with a fun fix!

Shortly we’ll be sharing details of a range of new initiatives for 2021’s event including our all-inclusive smart festival band, digital access, video content packs, physical-to-virtual meetings and a new tranche of innovation pitches.

To state the obvious, the road back to normal has been anything but normal. But the support we’ve had from the marketing community for our various pivots, ventures and partnerships has been incredible. 

There’s palpable excitement about the return to in-person events - we’ve missed hosting you and all the fun and games they provide, from having a drink at the bar to replacing the odd wonky picnic table! We’re heartened by the fact that before the latest lockdown, we had our busiest month ever for MAD//Fest London bookings by a country mile. 

Now the data and roadmap looks positive, we can move forward with confidence and plan 2021’s hottest marketing event (let’s hope the Great British weather plays ball!)

If you’d like to hear more or find out how you can get involved, do get in touch:

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