We get it, you’ve had more video calls than hot dinners in the last few months and your  inbox is full of emails on the virtual iterations of the industry’s annual shindigs.

Whilst most event organisers have by necessity become ardent evangelists for virtual formats in 2020, the truth is that virtual and face-to-face events are different, each with their pros and cons. 

Whilst there are plenty of virtual events to choose from this month, MAD//Fest x DMEXCO@home (23-24 Sept) is the cream of the crop in 2020 and snapping up a ticket is a damn good idea. Here’s why:

1. The content

Like face-to-face events, virtual events live and die by their content. And with an abundance of choice, you can afford to be discerning about which virtual events to attend.

MAD//Fest x DMEXCO@home is all about ‘Raising the Bar’. We’ve asked brands, agencies and publishers to share their inspirational ideas on how we can drive progress in our industry, produce better work and fix long standing challenges. We’ve stellar line-up of movers and shakers from brands like Pernod-Ricard, Huawei, Huel, Specsavers, Vodadone and VICE. 

The twist? They’ve got just 3 minutes to put their idea on the table and impress you. This means no boring panels, just a fast-paced programme of punchy content to keep you from drifting off into YouTube, TikTok or Insta.

Plus if you want more content, don’t miss DMEXCO@home’s mouthwatering line-up of 500+ brands marketers and entrepreneurs like Burger King Global CMO Fernando Machado and Foursquare founder Dennis Crowley.

2. The networking + platform

Each year DMEXCO pulls a 40,000+ international crowd, attracted no doubt by the promise of discovering what’s now, new and next in media and tech (and probably a Kölsch or two).

Whilst a trip to Cologne is usually a must in the marketing calendar, in 2020 everyone can have a slice of action, wherever they may be.

As you’d expect, DMEXCO have built a super slick platform that uses your interests to connect one-to-one with like-minded folk, stream amazing content and interact with attendees tuning in from across the globe.

So for people who are missing the magic of face-to-face event in 2020, the DMEXCO@home platform is as close as you can get to the real thing (without attending an illegal rave).

3. The innovation

The great thing about events is that they make life easier. You could studiously read trade mags and do a million meetings to find out about the latest tech innovation. Alternatively, you could spend a few hours at DMEXCO@home picking and choosing the most relevant sessions and platforms to meet. 

And if the idea of watching long-winded sessions about stuff you’re just not into isn’t your thing, make sure you check out MAD//Fest’s rapid-fire 3 minute wonders from innovation chiefs at brands like Mondelez, Diageo and AB InBev.

4. The entertainment

Just because we’re confined to virtual events right now, it doesn’t mean that you can’t have a little fun. Next week we’ll be announcing an uber cool after party you’ll just love (especially if you like classic 90s dance tracks). There’s also loads of interactive competitions, polls and digital experiences to make us feel connected at this unusual time.

So grab your ticket (use this code and you’ll get a free digital pass to MAD//Fest London too), embrace digital and look forward to a virtual event that really does raise the bar.