Irem Alp Mainwaring thinks that brands staying relevant and distinctive is a key challenge for the year ahead. 

Speaking at MAD//Fest London as part MAD//Fest’s ‘MAD//Fest Moments series’ in partnership with THE FIFTH, Alp Mainwaring said, “There are a lot of brands out there who try to speak in a similar manner, try to talk around similar health or sustainability claims.” Therefore, she explained, Innocent Drinks pride themselves on anchoring the brand with real purpose that is relevant to consumers’ lives. “It's really important for us to use our purpose as an anchor so that we rise above the sea of sameness to stay relevant and distinctive. And make sure that actually people care about what we talk about.”

Alp Mainwaring also talked out how Innocent pride themselves in excelling in the social media and influencer space which reaches around 10% of the population every month! “What we want to do more is to really use our social media channels to talk more about the goodness of our products and anchor our purpose led messages.”

Watch her full, short interview here. 

‘MAD//Fest Moments’ is a series, in partnership with THE FIFTH in which prominent industry leaders share emerging trends, challenges and opportunities. We’ll be covering these interviews over the rest of the Summer and Autumn in MAD//Insight.