Tanya Weller is a big believer that to ride the storm of economic disruption “you've got to keep investing in brands”.

Speaking at MAD//Fest London as part our ‘MAD//Moments series’ in partnership with THE FIFTH, Weller said, “I think a lot of people are cutting back but you got to keep investing in your brand.” She added that: “We know in my category, where there are a lot of distressed purchases, people have got to have your brand, front of mind”

She went on to say that Samsung were also using this downturn to tackle sustainability and energy consumption ‘head on’. “We've got AI and smart technology built into our products so you can actually monitor and track your energy usage. This ensures that we're actually delivering value back to consumers.”

In the short interview she also urged the tech industry to drive real change with regard to gender equality and outlined what Samsung’s priorities are within the social and influencer space in the next 12 months. Watch it here

‘MAD//Fest Moments’ is a series, in partnership with THE FIFTH in which prominent industry leaders share emerging trends, challenges and opportunities. We’ll be covering these interviews over the rest of the Summer and Autumn in MAD//Insight.