BrandOpus have been exploring what magnetism might be in the case of brands.  We challenged ourselves to decode the formula of what makes certain brands innately attractive?  Because if we are able to understand this, we could then nurture and create those properties and build brands with that irresistible magnetic pull.

To that end we have developed and validated a revolutionary new model for building brands with magnetic identities.

The formula for magnetism is relatively simple, but it is based upon insights drawn from cognitive neuroscience, behavioural psychology and semiotics.  The three elements are:

NARRATIVE:  Our minds are wired for meaning, to seek and decode it, so brands need to be clear about theirs. Much like a magnet, a brand’s inherent associations can either attract or repel.

SYMBOLISM: Metaphor and iconography are how meaning is transmitted, and the brain decodes and recalls them quickest. Brands should leverage the power of symbolism to bring their narrative to play wherever they show up.

AVAILABILITY: The ability to cut through the noise and hold space in people’s minds is vital. Acting in ways that are simultaneously disruptive yet familiar builds magnetism.

So, magnetism happens when these three elements are present in a brand’s formula.  This is more than an academic exercise.  Whilst magnetic brands create mental availability and brand strength, they also maximise marketing effectiveness - meaning they can overcome the effects of sheer scale and spend.

In partnership with Cloud Army, we have created a methodology which utilises implicit and semi-implicit quantitative insights tests to test the three elements.

·      Narrative: Intuitive Attribute Association module

·      Symbolism: Distinctive Asset Attribution module

·      Availability: Lexical Decision module 

By carrying out these tests, we can identify how brands (and their constituent parts including logos, colours, graphics and type) perform on the three metrics, with the aggregate making up a brand’s ‘Magnetism Score’ (%). 

This magnetic new paradigm in branding and identity shows that a brand’s ability to attract consumers needn’t be a happy accident.  Using the Magnetism Score and its three constituent parts together creates a unique diagnostic tool that can help uncover hitherto hidden insights.  Once we understand the relationship of a brand’s Narrative, Symbolism and Availability we can re-engineer a brands identity to generate that irresistible pull that makes it magnetic in the world.

We’re really excited to be a partner at this year’s MAD//Fest and will be taking to the stage on the 3rd of July at 4:55pm. Come and listen to find out more about magnetism and how it could be a driving force for your brand.