In her career, during which she has ticked off some of the biggest achievements in sports marketing including working for the British Olympic Association and the NFL, Michelle has learnt that one of the best investments at work, and beyond, is time spent with people. She thinks showing our vulnerability, as a brand and as a person, is a strength and that we should adapt our strategies and approach to reflect the new realities we’re all living through.

Whether it’s been feeling like a family while working with Team GB ahead of the London Olympics, or learning the ropes of her new role at the NFL, investing time in developing a team and creating cohesion has always paid off. “If you’re communicating well, things don’t fall through the cracks.” It makes everyone feel a better sense of achievement and, as a manager, it makes your job easier.

Going through the surreal experience of lockdown and changing the way we communicate, however, has led her to realise more and more the importance of showing vulnerability and being empathetic towards those who do. Michelle’s Shiny New Object is showing vulnerability as a brand and as a person, which is not a sign of weakness, but a way to adapt to and understand the current circumstance we’re living through.

As a business, Michelle believes organisations should do more to pay attention when someone is struggling. “Listening is key” as a first step. However, it’s also important to back this up with action so that brands don’t risk just being seen as paying lip service to the idea of empathy. “If you can strip out a brand logo and replace it, it means it hasn’t stood for anything.”

To find out more about Michelle’s advice for new starters, her top marketing tips and her views on empathy, listen to the podcast here.

Tom Ollerton is the Founder of Automated Creative.