In a world where marketers are spending too much time focusing on the mechanics of their work rather than on big innovation, Qaiser Bachani of Mondelēz International sees the resurgence of the big idea.

It’s the emergence and rapid growth of AI and automation that will enable marketers to focus on the big idea - Qaiser’s Shiny New Object. The Consumer Experience Lead for Europe & Global Brands at Mondelēz International shared why big ideas and creativity will be top of the agenda for the future of marketing.

Until now, in the last few years, the continued development of new tech, new platforms, and new communications channels has put pressure on marketers to consider logistics before creativity. Qaiser thinks that’s about to change thanks to AI and automation.

By allowing marketers to scale their work and by speeding up the process of tailoring ideas to platforms and channels, AI is enabling us to be more creative and focus on what AI can’t do: produce original content.

For Qaiser, this is a turning point in marketing and creative effectiveness. Defining the big ideas when it comes to any product makes a marketing team more effective. Once the brand identity and vision is clear, all the details that take too long to move fast start to fall into place quicker.

Qaiser’s examples of how Mondelēz have used the big idea for Cadbury and Toblerone show that one clear focus can permeate through all the marketing for one product. For years, Cadbury Chocolate has been defined by driving generosity. Recently, Toblerone’s messaging is focusing on “never square.” These big ideas then infuse all the creative and AI and technology are enabling innovators to go back and focus on new ideas - rather than spend time doing the logistical work that AI can take care of.

Listen to the full episode to hear more from Qaiser and the big idea.

The host of the Shiny New Object podcast is Tom Ollerton, founder of Automated Creative.