More than ever, our world, our industry and our businesses need change. For brands and agencies, innovation is no longer an opportunity, it’s a responsibility - and marketeers especially play a big part in helping organisations transition to this new world. The House of Innovation is the place at MAD//Fest to get inspired, connected and equipped to lead change in your organisation. 

The House of Innovation will be the home of MAD//Fest's Live brand challenges with some of the hottest start-ups pitching - with briefs covering personalisation, digital commerce, content inspiration, repeat purchases and more from Coca-Cola, M&S, AB InBev, McCormick, Boots and E.On.

“At, we’re passionate about helping brands and agencies stay ahead of the innovation curve. We track and monitor over 12 million start-ups globally. When it comes to change, we’re seeing that start-ups are continuing to pioneer the future. They’re inventing new ways for brands to connect with consumers and they’re delivering results in a far more effective, efficient and sustainable way than traditional solutions.” says Jeremy Basset, CEO at

We’ve created a free Lookbook of the hottest 35 start-ups who are bringing fresh solutions to the Marketing, Advertising and Creative industries. 

Innovators like: Aircards, who are creating interactive experiences for brands through the power of web-based Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality. sayitnow,  digital audio pioneers who make meaningful conversations happen between consumers and brands or Interact by Playstack, an in-game AdTech platform; built for brands by games developers. They help brands access the most relevant people who play, in a way that will most engage them. Boom!

Check out the other 32 in the Lookbook, and wow your team as you bringing fresh innovation to the table…

Come over to the House of Innovation where you can see the innovators pitch, meet them at a speed date, or continue the discussion at their picnic table. And if you’re looking for something more specific, then get in touch with one of our MatchMakers and we’ll help you find the perfect solution. Or send our Chief MatchMaker Mark a short note ( with a brief, a short explanation of what you’re looking for and we’ll be in touch.