Walgreens Boots Alliance is to partner with immersive video engagement startup Confer With to personalize the health and well being experience for consumers at boots, and Walgreens after a successful pitch at MAD//Fest London in July. 

Confer With will now have the chance to scale their business with Boots through a £20K pilot pitch.

Speaking to the audience on the Brand Innovation stage, Marni Allen, Director, Consumer Healthcare Futures, for Walgreens Boots Alliance, outlined the tough brief - “We're looking for ways to personalise the health and well being experience for consumers at Boots.” Resonating with the theme for this year’s festival, ‘No Guts, No Glory’, she added that they were looking for startups to help them bring some “really innovative thinking and maybe take some calculated risks to do something differently for our consumers.”

Pitching for one-to-one video shopping company, Confer With, Alex Cheeseman, their VP of Growth, said that their solution, “would help bridge the gap between the physical and the digital by connecting online shoppers and real world shoppers with Walgreens experts.”

Detailing their offer, went on to say, “Someone's online browsing. And if they're having some problems and perhaps spending too much time on a page, we can insert a call to action to connect someone directly with a retail expert. If they're not ready to speak now we can have an appointment with our partners. If someone's in store, they can scan a QR code and be connected with somebody that's available that's an expert in exactly the product they're looking for.” 

“This is about connecting the hearts and minds of consumers with Walgreens experts. It's about smart routing to make sure that person is connected with the expert that can best help them and ultimately bridging the gap between offline and online to help improve the customer experience”

Hosted by Marni Allen and Co:Cubed Founder and CEO Jeremy Basset, WTSPR pitched against a strong line-up of start-ups. Watch their winning pitch here.

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