Nendra van Wielink-Mohamed, Associate Director at the Kraft Heinz Company’s Global Media Centre of Excellence, shares lessons learnt and strategies to utilise data to optimise business performance.

Data can drive results, but not all data is useful and sometimes, not all useful data can be available or collected. Being able to delve into the world of data, finding the right connections, and steering away from too many shiny new objects, are Nendra’s key recommendations for making data driven marketing a success.

Avoiding bad recommendations

Nendra’s career has taken her around the world, while also throwing a range of “bad advice” her way. She shared with us why automating everything is a bad idea - just because it’s easy, doesn’t mean it’s the right or optimal thing to do.

Connecting the dots

The key to successful data driven marketing is being able to find connections between data points and make them relevant to your organisation. “Data is just information… in itself, it doesn’t mean anything” - advises Nendra. Once you understand the business value and the way to tell a relevant story with your connected data, you can drive changes and bring about valuable results. Nendra suggests finding the least amount of complexity or effort for the highest business value.

Don’t chase the shiny new objects

Having access to huge amounts of data can be a problem for marketers, because ultimately, not all of it is useful and trying to crunch it via new and shiny tech doesn’t necessarily lead to actionable insights. For Nendra, brands need to start by having a rigorous process for data collection, governance, and selection. “If [your] house isn’t in order, no matter how many shiny new objects you have, it’s not going to help.

Find out how Nendra uses data to create a story that everyone can buy into and what are her models for getting connected data by asking the right questions, in the full episode.

The host of the Shiny New Object podcast is Tom Ollerton, founder of Automated Creative.