This summer Ogilvy and MAD//Master’s UK’s Rory Sutherland hosts the world’s top marketing psychologists, neuroscientists and behavourial economists, including Jonathan Haidt, live on stage talking Time.

Watch Nudgestock’s 2024 launch video below.

Nudgestock, the global celebration of consumer behaviour and creativity, will return live to London’s Old Truman Brewery on the 5 July. Ogilvy Consulting’s acclaimed all-day festival for CMOs and brand leaders, now in its 12th year, will welcome eight of the leading authorities across marketing, psychology, neuroscience and behavioural economics to the stage. The speakers will unpack the challenges of this year’s theme – Time – deconstructing the critical impact time has on consumer relationships, habits and behaviours.

This year Nudgestock’s speakers are bigger than ever. Jonathan Haidt, the world’s leading psychologist and author challenging Gen Zs toxic relationship with technology, and Tara Swart, the top neuroscientist, medical doctor and author of global bestseller The Source. The festival also welcomes Nava Ashraf, renowned behavioural economist pioneering research into why we’re wired to live in nothing but the present, and celebrated writer and speaker Oliver Burkeman, to the stage. Burkeman has built a loyal following on finding meaning in our finite time on Earth.

You’ll be jumping for joy if you attend Nudgestock 

Each speaker will share radical views grounded in science and creativity to spark fierce debate about how time can be the solution to brand problems and beyond. From the soaring number of hours spent on smartphones and dopamine retail to an obsession with instant gratification, understanding the power and potential of time has become crucial table stakes for marketers. Attendees will gain an unparalleled look into the way time governs customer behaviour.

Dan Bennett, behavioural science lead, Ogilvy UK: “Time is one of the most powerful and effective tools marketers can leverage. But brands aren’t taking advantage of the psychology of time, whether that’s knowing what time of day customers are more receptive or how to inspire our future generations to care about their futures. Nudgestock 2024 will be packed with insights tackling the most pressing marketing challenges keeping CMO’s awake at night.”

Rory Sutherland, vice chairman, Ogilvy UK: “To borrow a convention from the Superbowl, Nudgestock XII will be the most exciting yet. Behavioral science redefines how brands connect with their consumer in terms of creativity, in terms of engagement and in terms of impact. But it isn't about how many people come to Nudgestock, or stream it, that makes our festival different, it's the fact that no one leaves with their mind unenlarged - or your money back!”

More speakers will be announced soon.

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