Nine incredible speakers explored the topic of Creative Effectiveness, from what it really means to the principles and behaviors behind it and how to measure it. 

The incredible line-up included:  

  • ProQuo AI’s CRO, Searsha Sadek and Advisory Board Chair, Carol Reay  
  • Faris and Rosie Yakob of creative consultancy, GENIUS/STEALS 
  • Matt Sadler, Strategy Director at advertising agency, Mother 
  • Ed Latham – Head of Marketing at Wahaca 
  • Jess Pinnick, Brand Manager at Belvoir Farm 
  • Alexa Hershy from PR agency, Allison and Partners  
  • Freelance journalist and former senior editor of The Grocer, Rob Brown 
  • Lottie Unwin, founder of marketing community, The Copy Club. 

It's no small feat to condense these mind-expanding talks into one blog post, but we managed it, and you can read it here

Faris and Rosie - the nomadic duo who co-founded the agency Genius Steals – explained how important emotions are within advertising. It’s the secret ingredient that’s needed to take an ad from ordinary to famous.  

Mother’s Head of Strategy, Matt Sadler shared the principles of creative effectiveness with us. These principles don’t exist in a vacuum. For Matt, creativity is all about the people that bring these marketing activations to life.  

We saw some incredible examples of this in action from the challenger brand speakers at our event - Wahaca and Belvoir Farm.  

All too often, generalist marketers don’t think of themselves as ‘capital C Creatives’. Because they’re running so many different aspects of a brand at one time, they often don’t have the hours to devote to traditional ‘creative’ thinking – spending more time on events, management, excels, and more.  

But Lottie Unwin, founder of the challenger brand community, The Copy Club, explained why this isn’t actually the case. She believes what drives the most impact everyday isn’t the big, flashy creative pursuits. It’s actually ‘small c creativity’. She explains, ‘creativity is something you do, not who you are.’  

As overwhelming as it might seem for challenger brand to stand out - especially with smaller budgets - there’s actually a wealth of opportunities to differentiate your brand and amplify your story.  

That’s because challenger brands have the freedom to make their brand voice and tone far more human, explained The Grocer’s Rob Brown. This can help you to market your brand in a way that grabs media attention and catapults you to new levels of growth.    

Ultimately, it’s sales that show you how effective your brand’s creativity has been.  

But neuroscience has proven that emotions drive people to make decisions on what to buy. So, in reality, emotions and sales are intricately linked.   

If emotions are so critical to creative effectiveness and your brand’s performance, how can you measure them?  

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