Anyone that’s anyone is on there (even Beyonce has added her back catalogue to the platform). Most brands have run campaigns, they’ve established a presence, and in some stand-out cases, they’ve even won over a fanbase.

But what comes next

The purpose of TikTok has completely evolved. Research has shown that young people are turning to it for a wide variety of reasons outside of comedy skit videos. It’s a tool for sourcing information, discovering news, being a part of cultural moments, learning new skills, and of course for brand and product discovery.

So to achieve genuine brand growth, going viral isn’t enough. It was never really enough, and yet marketers still obsess over it - even formulating briefs around it. 

Instead it’s about creating a consistent, long term strategy that will help you deliver results at every stage of the TikTok and influencer marketing funnel. In every campaign. Over and over again. 

Fanbytes LIVE - Wednesday 26th October | 8:00AM - 12:00PM, The Ham Yard Hotel, London

Panelists include:

Timothy Armoo, Co-Founder, FANBYTES BY BRAINLABS

Natalie Messingham, Social Media Lead, M&S

Jack Francis, Social Media & Content Manager, eBay

Pretty Munro, Global Marketing Director, UNIDAYS

Ella Light, Creative Content Manager, WAGAMAMA

Lauren Gill, Social Media & Content Manager, DELIVEROO

Lubna Mohsin, EMEA Social Media & Communications Manager, Estée Lauder

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