The latest guest of the Shiny New Object podcast is Paul Ward, Global CEO of Havas Studios, where he makes exciting new creative productions happen while focusing on delivering a complete service to clients. Paul’s career spans various roles in marketing and a good dose of mistakes, from which he believes he’s learnt a lot and they’ve made him who he is today.

Paul’s Shiny New Object is leveraging the village - i.e. finding the most specialised experts amongst your organisation and pulling them in as they’re needed on various projects. Celebrating specialists rather than generalists, this approach will hopefully allow Paul to tap into the potential of data specialists in a world where marketing has become more data driven than ever. In the case of Havas Studios, therefore, leveraging the village is about using the data experts within the “village” - the entirety of the organisation, working together. 

The host of the Shiny New Object podcast is Tom Ollerton, founder of Automated Creative.