Pixability’s Mission: Why make every impression matter? 

While 99% of YouTube inventory is now brand safe (according to the Global Alliance for Responsible Media (GARM)classifications), a third of YouTube inventory could be unsuitable for some advertisers.  Our business is focused on making sure brands can advertise alongside the most suitable content for them.  

This might mean avoiding content that has been made for children, avoiding controversial content creators or their competitors’ brand. It can also mean ensuring that the brand’s ads appear next to content created by a diverse group of creators and supporting representation in media.  

All of this matters because it drives efficiency and performance for the advertisers while preserving the brand’s reputation.  Afterall, 50% of consumers say their view of an advertiser is negatively impacted when an ad appears alongside undesirable content. 

Our Support for The Females Leaders Bar:  Make every interaction matter 

 As in-person events have now returned, we are fortunate to have the opportunity to spend time with our colleagues once again. Interactions are so important and we believe in helping to make sure that every interaction - similar to impressions - matter.

Despite AI being all the rage, at the end of the day, our industry is still about humans working with humans. It is about relationships, ideas, and coming together to innovate and plan for how we can continue to improve how our industry operates. Every contact that we have with each other is an opportunity to bring value - not just to one’s business but to their career growth and development. 

The old adage “You’ve got to see it to be it” still applies.  We’re supporting the Female Leaders’ Bar as a space that is open to everyone (all genders, and all levels of seniority) with the idea that people earlier in their careers can come by the Bar and ask Female Leaders in the industry questions about their career and progression.  Every impression, every contact with someone in our  industry is an opportunity to help them to achieve their potential. 

As I reflect back on my own career, I am grateful for every interaction that I’ve had that has led to my own growth.  And I’m especially grateful for the female leaders that have paved the way for my own journey.  Seeing women like Dawn Airey succeed at Yahoo!, and Boutaina Araki at Clear Channel France have shown me what might be possible for me. And just as I was attracted to Pixability’s mission to make every impression matter, I was equally excited to support the Female Leaders Bar and interact with folks from across our industry in a meaningful way.