Pizza Hut is to partner with the predictive consumer behaviour start-up Olvin to help ‘reignite the buzz and awareness’ around the brand after a successful pitch at MAD//Fest London in July. 

Olvin will now have the chance to scale their business with Pizza Hut through a £20k pilot.

Pizza Hut's brief, outlined by their Head of Performance Marketing, Catriona Woodward, was simply to help the brand “stay relevant and create the buzz it needs to stay front-of-mind in the face of intense competition”.

Pitching in front of the MAD//Fest audience Olvin’s Head of Sales and Business Development Steven Mohl explained how their tool, Almanac, can help Pizza Hut “locate and target key demographics, maximise customer experience, and vitally predict customer intent”. The tool takes a multitude of historical datasets going back over two years and leverages powerful AI to predict consumer behaviour.

Speaking about the winning pitch, Woodward, was very enthusiastic about the fact that through Almanac Pizza Hut would be able to “identify demographic hotspots to launch strategic marketing campaigns” as well as visualise customer journeys to discover new promotional opportunities. This will help them better “tap into society and culture” and “boost recognition” so that it can become the most talked about food service brand in the market.

Hosted by Pizza Hut’s Catriona Woodward and Co:Cubed Founder and CEO Jeremy Basset, Olvin pitched against a strong line-up of start-ups featuring Miappi Challengermode, Bidstack, Adludio, and Say It Now. Watch the winning pitch here

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