Inspired by Patrice Louvet, CEO of Ralph Lauren, Atilla says that “Big ideas always find ways to become bigger.” It’s why, once a marketeer uncovers a brilliant idea, they should put all their effort into making it happen. The key is to to find out where true value lies and then always prioritise it.

Atilla spends much of his time searching for these golden nuggets. What makes a great idea? It needs to be fresh and new and flexible, especially in today’s world. This flexibility is what brings us to his Shiny New Object: digital empathy.

In the post-Covid world, and equally as we are living through the pandemic, Atilla believes that too many brands are carrying on their communications as if life has continued unchanged. However, in some way, everyone’s lives have changed, including where and how they operate.

This is why brands need to develop digital empathy and embrace the heightened importance to relate to their consumers in their current reality. Whether this means adapting to the fact that people are spending their time working at home and no longer traveling to business meetings as they used to, or being more sensitive to health issues, there are always ways in which any marketeer can hone their message to take into account our new realities.

Consequently, they will tap into a real connection with consumers and become more successful.

To find out more about Atilla’s most embarrassing work moments, his top marketing tips and his advice for developing digital empathy, listen to the podcast here.

Tom Ollerton is the Founder of Automated Creative.