Reckitt is to partner with online product sampling start-up SoPost to help ‘break the chain of infection’ after a successful pitch at MAD//Fest London in July. 

SoPost will now have the chance to scale their business with Reckitt through a £20k pilot.

Reckitt's brief was to collaborate with a start-up that could harness the power of digital and social technology in order to educate consumers on how to keep themselves, their family, and their friends free of illness and ‘break the chain of infection’.

Speaking to Reckitt and the audience in MAD//Fest’s House of Innovation, SoPost’s founder and CEO Jonathan Grubin explained that their solution is based the premise that if you “get the right product sample into the right person’s hands it will convert”.

Rakesh Naragana, Reckitt’s Global Director of New Ventures loved the fact that with people now spending more time online than ever, and with a trial being such an important part of the education and purchase journey, that Reckitt's potential customers "will have the ability to try our products and experience the benefits for themselves direct from their phone”.

Hosted by Reckitt’s Rakesh Naragana and Co:Cubed Founder and CEO Jeremy Basset, SoPost pitched against a strong line-up of start-ups featuring Adimo, Picnic, Cavia, Vamp, and hoopla. Watch their winning pitch here.  

You can watch all the MAD//Fest London action including the PITCH//IT sessions from M&S, Boots, Diageo, Pizza Hut on our YouTube channel. Just select the ‘House of Innovation’ playlist for each day to catch all of the pitches.