Here’s a euphemism: the modern marketing landscape is marked by an increasing reliance on data-driven strategies. 


Marketers worldwide know all too well that “data is the new oil”, “data is everything”, “data is king” or whatever slogan is trending with LinkedIn influencers that day. 

It’s hard to imagine even a single marketer in the world who doesn’t appreciate the fact that data is a necessity for effective marketing. At all levels, in all industries, and across markets. 

However, there is another familiar tale most marketers would resonate with: the story of unfulfilled potential. And the villain? Uncertainty.

Because going from data to actions is time-consuming, complex, technically demanding, and always carries some degree of uncertainty. The luckiest marketing teams can tap into internal teams of data scientists and analysts. Other lucky teams can afford expensive market research agencies. 

But for the rest of us, the majority of marketers out there, it’s just too much. We end up doing some desk research, downloading a couple of reports, picking some stats, and using them to support our plans.

That’s why we built Qudo, the first answer-driven tool for marketers that promises to change the narrative - an era marked by precision and driven Qudo, the Precision Activation Engine.

Qudo: An Unprecedented Tool in B2C Marketing

Qudo stands at the forefront of this revolution, offering a cutting-edge solution to a problem that has long plagued the marketing industry. It's a powerful ally for B2C marketers, designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of the myriad consumer segments that constitute their markets.

The tool uses the untapped potential of zero-party data, gathering insights directly from consumers. This approach not only enhances the relevance of the gathered data but also ensures that marketers have a rich, detailed understanding of their target audiences. 

In this new AI landscape, anyone can use an AI tool, but what makes the difference is the data you feed to it. We produce the data, produce the analysis, and let Qudo showcase clusters and segments you can activate in one click.

From Understanding to Actionable Implementation

Understanding your market is the first step in any marketing campaign. However, the real challenge lies in leveraging this understanding to drive precise, impactful actions. This is where Qudo sets itself apart.

Imagine having the ability to take these elaborate audience insights, as complex and nuanced as they may be, and export them directly to your social media channels without any loss of signal. No more instances of messages getting lost in translation, no more diluted messaging, and certainly no more wasted budgets on imprecise targeting.

Qudo offers this seamless integration between insight and activation, effectively bridging the chasm between knowledge and actionable implementation. It marks the end of the frustrating disconnect between understanding your audience and reaching them effectively.

Witness the Paradigm Shift in Digital Campaign Performance

The result of this streamlined process is nothing short of transformative. With Qudo, you can expect a significant shift in your digital campaign performance. Our early users are already witnessing the impact, with conversion rates accelerating at three to six times compared to their existing digital campaigns.

This leap in performance is not an anomaly but rather the new normal that Qudo promises. It's a testament to the precision that Qudo brings to the table, transforming how marketers strategize and execute their digital campaigns.

Join Us at MAD//Fest!

Our Chief Research Officer Mike Popesku, PhD, will be unveiling the power and potential of Qudo at the upcoming MAD//Fest in London. The session, titled "From 'Aha' to 'Ta-da': Answer-driven Precision Activation", promises a deep dive into how Qudo is reshaping the marketing landscape.