Who inspires you?
My 13 year-old self growing up in Tottenham.

What’s your proudest career moment?
My proudest career moment is completing my National Professional Qualification for Senior Leadership in education in a year.

Have brands lost touch with people? Why?
Brands want to become more like people, where people want to become more like brands. I feel that some brands have lost touch because they have lost the importance of making the consumer part of their story and journey. 

What’s your all-time favourite ad campaign? Why?
My all-time favourite campaign is the Dove soap advert because it makes me feel like I am as beautiful as the woman in the advert. It makes me part of their story and its invested in my well being.

What’s your biggest challenge right now?
Trying to help brands understand the importance of investing in women’s stories and journey in sports. 

AI and marketing: threat or opportunity?
An opportunity, but  it can be a threat if not managed properly. 

How do you like to spend your spare time?
Volunteering in my local community and writing or filming blogs for women and girls. 

What’s your favourite London restaurant?
Busaba Eat Thai every time!

What’s your top trend for 2020. Why?
Equality across the board. Until brands start to support campaigns that really focus on the consumers of tomorrow the brands of tomorrow won’t survive.