1. Describe 2022 in three words…

Resilience, recovery, reconnection

2. Plug those words in What3Words for your 2023 Holiday destination. Where are you going and what’s the vibe?


It’s in the middle of the Pacific Ocean! I’ve had the chance to cross the Atlantic ocean before, perhaps this should be my next adventure;)

3. ASDA, ALDI, John Lewis, Boots or someone else? Which Christmas ad won your heart and mind in 2022?

For me, it is “Just Imagine” by The National Lottery – who doesn’t like a hopeful Christmas love story?

But I just have to mention John Lewis “The Beginner” as the runner-up. Loving how they manage to look at Christmas from a different angle every year and stir up our emotions!

4.What’s your favourite ad/campaign of 2022?

Definitely Nike Footballverse, it’s an epic showcase of great players and cool Nike gear with a hint of metaverse and time-travel.

5. Mark Zuckerberg has asked to create your perfect Christmas in the metaverse. Where are you, who is cooking and what entertainment have you got lined-up?

I’d pick an unusual and magical place to gather like Angkor Wat, where we can explore the hidden temples around! The guests would create their own food in the virtual kitchens and can order them as real food via local Deliveroo kitchens. There would be DJs and dancing in different themed stages, and also an option to grab virtual limited-edition clothes for our avatars and win their real versions via the sponsor brands as Christmas gifts!

6. What do you want in your Christmas stocking in the old fashioned real world?

There’s still a lot of places I want to see around the world, so I won’t say no to an Away Carry-on (I know I know, it won’t fit in the stocking… but perhaps place it under the Christmas tree?)

7. Elon Musk has gifted you a place on twitter’s board for Christmas. What would you do to turn it around?

The man will rise up to any challenge so I’ll dare him to run for president in the upcoming elections, and then I’ll get to the board to hire back the engineers as my first order of business! Long live microservices!

8. What’s going to be hot in marketing in 2023?

Real-time AI-generated creatives, Video social commerce, Sustainable marketing (ie. Putting long-term value ahead of profit)

9. How can marketers and brands ride the storm in 2023?

Stop thinking of campaigns which have a beginning and an end; think of long-term relationships with the customer. Deliver fulfilling experiences and value for money. And of course, don’t forget technology, if you don’t embrace it, you’ll be late to the game.

10. 2023 is the Chinese year of the water rabbit, which symbolises longevity, peace and prosperity. What are you hoping for in the year ahead in the world of marketing and advertising?

I hope for togetherness, more brand collaborations and doing good along with driving success.

11. Top tip for 2023: What brand should we all be looking out for next year?

TikTok (look out for the rise of their live shopping ads!)

And finally…

12. Mince Pies - Christmas food heaven or hell?

No way! Ever heard of Turkish Delight?;)

Sila Nur Isik is Creative Technology Consultant at Mind The Ad.